5 Places to buy plus size maternity clothes

Places to Buy Plus Size Maternity If you think Plus Size clothing (especially cute stuff) is hard to find? Wait until you try hunting for plus size maternity clothes!

I recently went hunting with a good friend who is 25 weeks and in desperate need of good maternity clothes! She’d read online that JC Penney, Old Navy and even Sears carried plus size maternity clothes. But she was hesitant to even waste her time, knowing that their selection of regular plus size clothes was slim, especially in her size 26.

So we hit the ground running and made a day of it. Finding nothing. Absolutely nothing. (JC Penney had one outfit. And it wasn’t something my grandmother would wear, let alone a 20-something!) So she had to turn to the internet, and I’ve decided to share with you the 5 shops she found and LOVED!


5 Places to Buy Plus Size Maternity Clothes

Destination Maternity has a great selection of maternity clothes. (Double bonus: They have a few maternity/nursing bras!) Out of the five places we ordered? Destination Maternity was the quickest to arrive, so that was a HUGE plus! DM goes up to a size 26 in their “3x” but we found that it ran a little loose compared to a few of the other sites.

Mommylicious Maternity had some SUPER cute, super stylish selections! Decent prices, and a selection of formal wear! (Which is near impossible to find in a decent price range if you’ve got a wedding or another event you need formal wear for!)   Confession Time : I may have ordered a few tops from here for my current non-pregnant self!

ThredUp has the smalled plus size options of the this list, many of their clothes only going up to a 2X (which let’s be real – when you have a 40-K bra size NOT pregnant? A 2X is not going to squeeze your over inflated pregnancy boobs and still look appropriate for anywhere family-friendly!) But we’ve included them because if you’re able to fit a size 16 or 2x? They have some GREAT prices and some adorable outfits!

Motherhood Maternity is hands down my favorite shop! (Mostly because if you’re lucky? You’ve got one locally!) Unfortunately? Our closest one is a 70 minute drive, and doesn’t carry much plus size in stock. But? They’re online selection is AWESOME and they fit “True to size” in most cases!

SimplyBe may be my new favorite shopping site in general! They have great prices, cute clothes and their quick to ship! My biggest complaint is that navigating their site? Maternity isn’t a boldly labeled category. BUT…. they have some great non-maternity tops that seem to fit pregnant bellies in a VERY flattering way too!

Do you have a favorite place for plus size maternity clothes that we didn’t mention? We’d love tips and links, so please feel free to share in the comments!


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