6 Best Fertility Apps

6 Best Fertility Apps (1)We have an app for everything, and if you’re anything like me? That’s the way you like it! In fact, two weeks ago I was without my phone for three days and I was utterly lost! And app love can cross over into TTC and Pregnancy! For the past few years I’ve used a variety of apps to track my cycles, even when I’m not actively TTC or pregnant I find this an important tool!

So without much more babbling, here’s my pick for apps! (In no particular order.)

6 of the best fertility apps

Fertility Friend





What It Is: Fertility Friend is pretty cut and dry. There aren’t a lot of bell’s and whistles – but it’s easy to use to track you cycle and predict the best days for TTC or testing!

Cost: FREE! (But there is a $45/year premium membership with access to message boards.)

Why we like it: It’s tried and true! I first used FF when I got married back in 2004! While there have been updates and tweaks since then? They’ve been minor. I love the simplicity of this app!






What It Is: Clue claims “The more you use it, The smarter it gets”  This app tracks more than just your cycle, it tracks your moods and many more factors! Plus, you can ask it questions!

Cost: FREE!

Why we like it: It’s beautiful, user friendly and full of features! I’ll be totally honest? Aesthetically? Clue is one of my favorites!










What it is: Ovia is one of the best “all around” apps for fertility, pregnancy and early parenting! Claims that “users conceive up to 3x faster than the national average.” (Which means it’s worth a try!!)

Cost: FREE (with a $.99 upgrade cost to access “full content” of articles!)

Why we love it: Information overload! I can spend ALL day browsing this app! I have to admit, my absolute favorite aspect? The daily “Fertility Score” to help you know if it’s time to do the deed or not!!








What it is: Glow tracks your period, mood, symptoms, sex, and medications! It predicts ovulation and is just plain pretty!

Cost: Free! (But here’s the awesome kicker – you can contribute to their program and if you don’t conceive within 10 months? You can use that towards fertility treatments!)

Why we love it: Glow encourages the dad’s to interact as well! Add in the add-on apps of  Nurture (pregnancy) Baby, and Eve (post-pregnancy sex life) this is a great all around app that’s easy to use and full of information!








What it is: Kindara is a clean and to the point app monitoring your basal body temperature and cervical mucus to predict your most fertile days.

Cost: Free with the option to purchase Wink, an electronic BBT thermometer that syncs directly to the app.

Why we love it: Sometimes? Simplicity just wins out. I have found through my journey that if we are actively trying to conceive and having little luck? I don’t want to track my mood, my symptoms or any of that! (False hope and frustration drove me crazy at times!) I just want the bare basics – and Kindara is a great way to do that!









What it is: Natural Cycles tracks the basics, and is a nice “in-between” of many of these apps – it’s clean and precise like Kindara and Fertility Friend, but tracks more than the basics like many of the others. Also, predicts up to six cycles in advance. (Great for planning vacations around conceiving!)

Cost: Free one month trial, with subscription plans starting at $6.90/month

Why we love it: I have to admit, the selling point for me is the ease of the “prediction” aspect! I also love how user friendly it is, clean apps are important to me!


Have you used one of these fertility apps? Or do you have another favorite? I’d love to hear all about it!

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