6 Summer Pregnancy Survival Tips

6 Summer Pregnancy Survival TipsI remember the exact moment I realized I was going to be spending my summer pregnant. (My daughter was due in mid-July, which in Southern Colorado means 100+ degree days!) I was terrified. So I’ve decided to share with you my favorite 6 summer pregnancy survival tips!

(Of course, these are great tips no matter what time of year you’re pregnant – but with summer coming? It’s definitely time to think about these things!)

6 Summer Pregnancy Survival Tips

1. Hydrate!

Keeping hydrated during the summer is hard enough under normal conditions, but add in pregnancy and you’ve got a recipe for dehydration. So grab your favorite water bottle and keep it with you! Everywhere.   (BONUS TIP: Spray Bottles with fans are a great way to cool yourself down!! Or you could combine your bottle and your mister with this awesome creative spray water bottle!

2. Eat “Cool” Treats!

Watermelon, smoothies and Popsicles (made with fruit, like these All Fruit Popsicles from Minimalist Baker) are a great way to get a quick cool-down!

3. Elevate your feet!

This is probably something you’re sick of hearing. (Your doctor asks “are your feet/ankles swelling?” Your mom asks. The random lady at the grocery store asks.) And mix in the potential for dehydration and your body will be retaining water like never before! So keep a close eye on your feet and ankles and take every opportunity you can to kick those feet up!

4. Sunscreen!

A little known side effect of pregnancy is that your skin is more prone to burn! So grab the higher SPF sunblock, a beach umbrella and a big floppy hat before you spend too much time out in the sun!

5. Take a Nap!

My husband jokes that this (along with a bubble bath) is my answer to everything! But the summer heat wears normal people out – add in a pregnancy and you’re twice as likely to be exhausted! A nice nap in a cool, dark room can refresh you and replenish your energy before you get going again!  (If you’ve got other littlest running around? This is the perfect time to hit up the redbox or a Netflix binge! They need to rest too.)

6. Limit your sodium intake!

This ties in with hydration and elevating your feet – but salt makes your body cling to water as if you’re hiking through the Sahara! Give your body a break and limit the sodium during the height of summer. You’re ankles will thank you!

Above all? Enjoy the summer sun!

Sure, pregnancy gives us extra aches and exhaustion, but there’s still something special about summer! It’s the perfect time to grab a bottle of ice water, find a shady spot and relax outdoors! (Of course with bugspray, sunscreen and a good book!)

What are your favorite tips to survive the summer while pregnant?


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