6 Things To Do Before Trying To Conceive

Kicking Birth Control to the Curb

Sometimes I worry that I overthink things. If you’re here because of this article? Then maybe you are the same way! But I figure we can never be too prepared, right? Especially when being plus-size can make it more difficult to conceive. Here are six things to do before trying to conceive!

Untitled designVisit your doctor! If you have an OBGYN that you prefer? You can start there. But you can also visit your general practitioner for a basic physical. (And daddy-to-be should schedule his own physical as well!) These screenings can catch any red flags that may come up during pregnancy, this way you can be sure to get the best prenatal care possible!

Untitled designVisit your dentist! While you’re making a doctors appointment? It’s time to schedule a dental appointment too. (I know this is one so many people dread! But it’s a hugely important step in pregnancy!) Pregnancy has a huge effect on our dental health, and gum disease can even cause pre-term labor! So set yourself up for success (both during pregnancy and in the future) by visiting your dentist now!

Untitled designStart taking prenatal vitamins! I have a list of 6 vitamins that increase fertility if you’re not sure where to start! These vitamins will support your health, improve the environment for a growing baby and in some cases even increase your chances of conception!

Untitled designWatch your weight! Ugh, I know… trust me. I know. I’ve been overweight for 16 years, and if this was a task I was able to take on at this point in my life? I wouldn’t be running this site! But losing just 5-10% of your body weight can increase your chances of conceiving exponentially!

Untitled designKick bad health habits!  Do you smoke? Drink (more than) socially? Now is the time to kick those habits to the curb! It’s fairly common knowledge that these things are bad for baby, but if you stop now? It can actually help your chances of conception! (Notice a theme here? Conceiving when you’re plus size is hard enough, we don’t need any extras against us!)

Untitled designGet rid of your birth control! I know for me, this one is like a mini-celebration! It seemed like my husband and I would NEVER be on the same page about having another baby! So the idea of tossing those pills in the trash had me ready for a victory dance  (Doing this a month or two before you plan to get pregnant can also help you to better understand your natural cycle.)


Of course this isn’t a comprehensive list – a simple Google Search will find you plenty of longer lists! But I like to start simple, and these six steps are fairly easy to conquer! Do you have any more tips or anything unique that you did before you started TTCing?

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