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Once you’ve tossed your Birth Control to the curb? It’s time to really focus on your fertility! When I first met with my OBGYN to talk about taking this step we talked about ways to prepare my body for pregnancy, One of the first things she recommended was Vitamins.

So I took notes as she made recommendations, but decided to do a bit of my own research as well. And the result is the top 6 vitamins that increase fertility.

Let’s be real, walk into your local pharmacy/grocery store/Wal Mart and you’ll be greeted with an overwhelming amount of vitamins. The aisles at the book store are full of books that don’t seem like they are speaking English when it comes to vitamins either. So how the heck do you know what vitamins to take? (And really, are they worth it?)

My favorite 6 Vitamins That Increase Fertility

Untitled design (1)Vitamin D – We get most of our vitamin D from sunlight, however my doctor mentioned that most of us deficient in this powerful little supplement! What does it do? Vitamin D helps to regulate calcium and phosphate.  (This not only helps the baby as it’s growing bones and teeth – but also helps your teeth, which pregnancy is particularly hard on!)

Untitled design (1)Folic Acid – I know during my first full-term pregnancy Folic Acid was the main vitamin/supplement recommended to me. Eight years ago I didn’t bother to research WHY this little pill was so important, I just knew that my mommy message board said to take it, so I did.

It’s recommended that you take 400 microgram folic acid tablet every day while you are trying to get pregnant and continue through your 12th week, the end of the first trimester! This common prenatal supplement is essential to the development of the baby’s spine and helps to prevent Spina Bifeda. According to WebMd, Folic Acid increases sperm count too!

Untitled design (1)Zinc – I’ve taken Zinc for awhile, as it’s known to boost our immune system, vision and even aid in fighting depression! But I had no idea how vital Zinc is to our pregnancies!  It helps our bodies be more hospitable to our husbands sperm. Low levels of zinc are also believed to be linked to miscarriages in early pregnancy.

Bonus : If your husband takes a Zinc supplement? His sperm count will increase and those little guys will be even stronger!

Untitled design (1)Coenzyme Q10 – If you have any chance of suffering with infertility (either male or female) it is thought that Coenzemy Q10 helps to increase the quality of both egg and sperm. MayoClinic reccomends  30-300 milligrams of CoQ10 has been taken by mouth once daily or in divided doses for up to 26 weeks; to treat male infertility,

Untitled design (1)Vitamin B6 – I have many friends who have referred to “B” as the miracle vitamin! During my previous pregnancy I was fortunate that I didn’t experience the nausea that so many women do; but I have several friends who did. Three of these lovely women swear up and down that taking Vitamin B6 helped alleviate these symptoms. (Research says that women who consume 10mg or more of this pre-conception? Experience less pregnancy symptoms! Hey, it’s gotta be worth at try!)

Untitled design (1)Omega 3 Fatty Acid (fish oil) – It’s believed that Omega 3 gives embryo’s an extra boost in quality. But it also has many MANY positive qualities for the pregnant mama! Including prevention of heart disease and lowering the risk of preeclampsia.

Of course the list of prenatal/daily vitamin is extensive. But these are my vitamins of choice as I journey down this road of Trying to Conceive! Do you have additional information or a prenatal vitamin or supplement that you have found to be helpful in your journey? Please share in the comments!


*Reminder, I am not a doctor, this is simply the result of my own personal research – with links where applicable – please consult your health care specialist before making any changes in your daily health routine. See my Disclaimer for more information. 


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