About Jacque

Jacque and Skyler

Jacque is a 30-something mama from Colorado who married her high school sweetheart and spent 7 years loving life as a family of three.

When it came time to start thinking about baby #2, she found that she was overweight and scared to even approach a doctor for fear of what they would say about her weight.

She started Plus Sized Pregnancy as a way to research and document her journey as her family tried to grow!

When she’s not blogging, Jacque can be found in the audio/visual department at her church or hanging out with her daughters Scouting Troops!

About Plus Sized Pregnancy

Struggling to find info about conceiving? Or cute maternity clothes? What about after the baby comes? There are so many sites out there dedicated to pregnancy, but not a whole lot of information in one place about being Plus Sized and pregnant!

Well, you’ve come to the right place! Here at Plus Sized Pregnancy, we’re always gathering new information, finding new products and learning to love life in our bodies!