Becoming pregnant with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) can be a daunting task. In fact, many women are told during their initial diagnosis that fertility is going to be a problem. But experts say following a PCOS Fertility Diet can help increase your odds of conceiving. When I first set out to find information about a PCOS eating plan? I was bombarded with information, much of it conflicting! So I decided to comb through and find as much accurate information as I could, then compile it all here! The  Benefits of the PCOS Fertility Diet Helps to increase chance of ovulation […]

The PCOS Fertility Diet

We have an app for everything, and if you’re anything like me? That’s the way you like it! In fact, two weeks ago I was without my phone for three days and I was utterly lost! And app love can cross over into TTC and Pregnancy! For the past few years I’ve used a variety of apps to track my cycles, even when I’m not actively TTC or pregnant I find this an important tool! So without much more babbling, here’s my pick for apps! (In no particular order.) 6 of the best fertility apps         What […]

6 Best Fertility Apps

We live in a culture of fear. A simple Google search of “Plus Size Pregnant” will fill you with hundreds of reasons your pregnancy could contain a medical disaster. (And sadly, they read more like “These things WILL happen to you!” not “might”… And they tend to leave out that they also MIGHT happen to a woman who is not-plus size.) Understanding the risks of Plus Size Pregnancy is important. It’s equally important to not live in fear. (Stress can lead to pregnancy complications – high blood pressure, fatigue, etc! So don’t live in that place of fear!) Plus Size Model, […]

Understanding the risks of Plus Size Pregnancy

  One of the symptoms that people tend to overlook  when it comes to Polycystic Ovary Syndrome is exhaustion! For me? PCOS and fatigue have gone hand in hand, in the most frustrating way!! (I don’t think I was this tired when I was pregnant and working 11 hour days!)   When my PCOS is at it’s worst? I feel like a walking Zombie. Getting anything accomplished is near impossible. So I thought I’d share with you 6 ways to boost energy when PCOS and fatigue rear their ugly heads!   Before I go on? I want to state that […]

PCOS and Fatigue: 6 ways to boost energy

While this post really could be for the friend of ANY pregnant woman? Some of these problems are magnified in the pregnancy of a plus size woman! So if you’re the family or friend of a plus size pregnant woman (or any pregnant woman) I have 5 tips for friends of pregnant women to help be the best support for her that you can be! 5 tips for friends of pregnant women   If you’re curious how far along she is? Just ask! (Of course, it’s never ok to just assume someone is pregnant – but if she’s opened the door to that […]

5 tips for friends of (plus size) pregnant women

11 Questions to ask on your Maternity Hospital Tour
One of the things I looked forward to the most (but was least prepared for) was the maternity hospital tour! There are so many different questions you could ask – in fact? I’m sure this list could be infinite! But I wanted to share with you what I thought were some of the most important ones! (And of course, I have a few sub-questions, so the list is actually a bit longer!) 1.What is your check in Procedure? Do I come straying to L&D? Do I head to the ER first? Do I need my doctor to refer me? (Yes, […]

11 questions to ask on your maternity hospital tour