Scrib Ultrasound 3
Unfortunately, Pregnancy Problems is something I know all too much about.  (And so here I will share my story.) No, I didn’t have gestational diabetes, or even morning sickness! (I realize how incredibly lucky I was!!) But I had 2 major complications at the very end of my pregnancy which I never in my wildest dreams imagined. I had a smooth time up until 34 weeks. (And I was so clueless as to how things were going to go! I even told my husband “Plan to come home at 37 weeks exactly” He was a truck driver and in my […]

When things don’t go as planned (Life One Handed)

When I start a new project I tend to get too caught up in it. I get consumed. Especially when I am passionate about it. And I realized this morning that’s what has happened with this blog. I’ve become consumed with sharing information (which is good) but I forgot to add that personal touch. To share my story and why I’m here. 15 years ago I joined my first online message board community, about wedding planning. (The now defunct Ultimate Wedding.)  I wasn’t even engaged yet, but I was obsessed with the idea of getting married to my longtime boyfriend. […]

My Story