Trying to conceive

Becoming pregnant with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) can be a daunting task. In fact, many women are told during their initial diagnosis that fertility is going to be a problem. But experts say following a PCOS Fertility Diet can help increase your odds of conceiving. When I first set out to find information about a PCOS eating plan? I was bombarded with information, much of it conflicting! So I decided to comb through and find as much accurate information as I could, then compile it all here! The  Benefits of the PCOS Fertility Diet Helps to increase chance of ovulation […]

The PCOS Fertility Diet

We have an app for everything, and if you’re anything like me? That’s the way you like it! In fact, two weeks ago I was without my phone for three days and I was utterly lost! And app love can cross over into TTC and Pregnancy! For the past few years I’ve used a variety of apps to track my cycles, even when I’m not actively TTC or pregnant I find this an important tool! So without much more babbling, here’s my pick for apps! (In no particular order.) 6 of the best fertility apps         What […]

6 Best Fertility Apps

When you’re discussing trying to conceive, it’s only natural to discuss ovulation. And for those of us actively trying to get pregnant, knowing when we ovulate is important! Yesterday I talked about Basal Body Temperature (BBT) as one method of knowing when you’re ovulating. Today I’m going to talk about The Basics of Cervical Mucus. This method is a little more “hands on” to knowing your cycle and when you’re ovulating. We know that ovulation occurs somewhere near the middle of your cycle, but to pinpoint the exact day is important when you’re trying for a baby! Before we talk about […]

The Basics of Cervical Mucus

Maybe you’re new to this whole Trying to Conceive (TTC) thing, or maybe you’ve been around awhile, but either way you’ve probably seen the term “BBT” around the web. Basal Body Temperature is one of most basic ways to track your fertility, so I have put together this super simple post about the basics of BBT. What Is Basal Body Temperature? BBT (Basal Body Temperature) is the lowest point of your body’s temperature within a 24-hour period. It is recommended to take your temperature first thing upon waking in the morning, before you even get out of bed. (Moving from […]

The Basics of Basal Body Temperature

Sometimes I worry that I overthink things. If you’re here because of this article? Then maybe you are the same way! But I figure we can never be too prepared, right? Especially when being plus-size can make it more difficult to conceive. Here are six things to do before trying to conceive! Visit your doctor! If you have an OBGYN that you prefer? You can start there. But you can also visit your general practitioner for a basic physical. (And daddy-to-be should schedule his own physical as well!) These screenings can catch any red flags that may come up during pregnancy, this […]

6 Things To Do Before Trying To Conceive

  Once you’ve tossed your Birth Control to the curb? It’s time to really focus on your fertility! When I first met with my OBGYN to talk about taking this step we talked about ways to prepare my body for pregnancy, One of the first things she recommended was Vitamins. So I took notes as she made recommendations, but decided to do a bit of my own research as well. And the result is the top 6 vitamins that increase fertility. Let’s be real, walk into your local pharmacy/grocery store/Wal Mart and you’ll be greeted with an overwhelming amount of vitamins. The aisles […]

6 Vitamins That Increase Fertility