Foods to avoid when you’re pregnant

Foods to avoid when you're pregnant

Once you get your positive pregnancy test, you’re bombarded with information on what’s best and what’s harmful for your growing baby! I remember during my first pregnancy I had a printout from the doctors office that I stuck on my fridge, reminding me that many of my favorites are off limits for the next few months! While it’s not exactly a printable? I have put together a graphic including some of the most common foods to avoid when you’re pregnant!

I don’t know about you, but I’m a coffee addict! So limiting my caffeine felt like torture. (And I just don’t dig decaf.) And being unable to eat lunch meat? UGH! That’s my go-to lunch! So I had to get creative.

Foods to avoid when you’re pregnant

While (most) fish, (all) alcohol and cold lunch meats are off limits? (And don’t forget raw cookie dough…) The good news is that so long as you cook it properly? Most things are still totally fine! (And warm lunch meats are fine too, but remember to warm them up to 165 degrees before eating!)

Want more info on what foods you can and cannot eat during pregnancy?

The following links go directly to the articles these respected sites have posted about pregnancy nutrition! (With more indepth reasonings behind the foods you should be avoiding!)

While this list is not totally comprehensive (each resource/website has a slightly different list, so be sure to ask your medical professional for their version of this list) the foods listed here are commonly agreed upon across the medical community.

Fun alternatives

While pregnancy means laying off your double shot lattes for the next few months? There’s this amazing Pregnancy Guide to Starbucks!  And Southern Bite has a delicious recipe for eggless cookie dough! Missing your Sushi? has a version of pregnancy safe sushi!

So I ask you, my dear friends, what guilty pleasure will you miss while pregnant?


Foods to avoid when you're pregnant

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