The PCOS Fertility Diet

PCOS Fertility Diet (1)Becoming pregnant with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) can be a daunting task. In fact, many women are told during their initial diagnosis that fertility is going to be a problem. But experts say following a PCOS Fertility Diet can help increase your odds of conceiving.

When I first set out to find information about a PCOS eating plan? I was bombarded with information, much of it conflicting! So I decided to comb through and find as much accurate information as I could, then compile it all here!

The  Benefits of the PCOS Fertility Diet

  • Helps to increase chance of ovulation
  • Makes the uterine lining a better environment for implantation
  • Maintains that environment to decrease the risk of miscarriage
  • Helps fight insulin resistance to decrease other PCOS side effects

The Basics of the PCOS Fertility Diet


1. Choose foods that are lower on the glycemic index. PCOS causes insulin levels to surge, so controlling them is an important part in both weight loss and fertility! published a fantastic post that really helps to understand the relationship between PCOS and the Glycemic Index. And Harvard Medical School has published a fairly comprehensive list of common foods and their glycemic index.

To chose lower glycemic index foods? You should reach for vegetables, non-refined carbs (unprocessed, grain intact) and avoid sugary beverages and foods, even some fruits! And one that shocked me? Don’t overcook your pasta! (It stops the process of breaking down the carbohydrates.)

2. Go for High Fiber foods. Avoiding processed food will naturally pull you into the higher fiber category, as many fruits, vegetables and whole grains are naturally higher in fiber! Basically? The more you naturally have to chew the food, the higher in fiber it is!  (Added bonus? A high fiber diet will help your body to metabolize estrogen! This will help balance out the hormones that PCOS wreaks havoc with.)

3. Include lean proteins and healthy fats. I feel like I’m just repeating what most any popular diet will tell you, but it’s so important to watch the protein and fat you’re taking in! Healthy fats (like Olives, Avacados and seeds and nuts) and lean protein help your body to slowly absorb the nutrients it needs, while keeping your hormone levels balanced.

4. Eat more times per day, in smaller portions. The key to battling PCOS is to keep your blood sugars and hormones balanced, so having 5 small meals per day will help your body to balance it’s digestion and processing. This will help boost your energy, your blood sugar and keep you from getting so hungry that you break down and eat anything in site! (Not that I’m speaking from experience or anything on this one, ha ha!)

5. Include your daily dose of vitamins. There’s a reason doctors are always recommending vitamins! So much in our diets lacks (or you’d have to eat an insane amount to reach the daily limits our bodies need) and vitamins are a simple way to get this nutritional boost!  (Check out PSP’s 6 Vitamins that Increase Fertility!)

Maintaining a balanced and nutritional diet, low in the glycemic index will help your body to regulate itself and naturally increase your odds of conceiving with PCOS! While a PCOS diagnosis is often a devastating blow, it’s one that proper diet can help to eliminate the side effects in most cases.! ]

*Plus Sized Pregnancy is not a medical professional, please see our complete disclosure. 

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